My name is Brian Gaschler and I am a Denver- and London-based portrait, documentary and street photographer seeking to capture moments in a distinct, narrative style. I am fully licensed and insured as a professional photographer.

I have a strong background in academia. I hold an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Anthropology, with an emphasis on premedical and biomedical sciences, from the University of Colorado, Denver, USA. I also hold a graduate Masters of Science (MSc) degree in Biomedicine and Bioscience from the London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK. I bring the same professionalism and enthusiasm to my photographic assignments that I bring to my academic and research-support endeavours. When I am not out photographing or adventuring, I also perform contract work as a researcher to academic institutions, and more recently, as a journeyman science-construction carpenter to the United States Antarctic Program.

Photographic Style

In my professional photographic work, I primarily shoot traditional portraiture and lifestyle sessions, with an emphasis on location-based visual narratives with creative, portable lighting strategies. In my personal photography, I employ a shooting approach rooted in photojournalist praxis, with a heavy emphasis on reportage and documentary styles.

My approach to photography has its beginnings in extended climbing adventures around the world, and continues to develop through recurring, months-long international sojourns. As my photography progresses, I am continually inspired by the ways photographs enrich and expand not only who we are as people, but our understanding of self and connections to each other as well. It may seem peculiar, but in my personal photography, I do not photograph 'subjects' per se—I photograph the way these subjects make me feel. With each photograph I take, I use my camera to parse out the emotional qualities a particular moment evokes in me. My camera is the tool through which I am able to access my creativity, but moreover, through the collection and manipulation of light, I am able to record my subjectivity as it exists in a fraction of transitory time. My photography helps me know who I am, while also giving me impetus to express myself and communicate with others beyond the limits of language.

For me, a great photograph needs to accomplish one thing: it needs to command, however briefly, the viewer’s undivided attention. If a photograph succeeds in this, it has already accomplished having great composition, great light and a sense of moment. When these three elements come together, there is a communication that takes place, both individually and collectively, that transcends place, space and time. If I can make my photography impart a level of nuance and emotional depth that makes somebody stop for a moment and connect with this communication, then I have done my job as a photographer.

All of this combined tells me that my photography strives to be more than just static images of faraway locations, wild adventures, the people I pass on the street or the clients who hire me. To photograph these often-times candid moments, is to utilise a medium that becomes a swinging door to worlds inside and outside my own. My photography is first and foremost a means for sharing my subjective experiences as I travel back and forth through these worlds. My pursuit of connecting with new experiences, people and places, simultaneously challenges me to refine my photography in new, dynamic ways, while reminding me of the importance of carrying my camera humbly, with compassion and curiosity. For me, moments spent collecting light and shadow, are moments spent collecting the world. As I collect the world, I understand my place within it.


My commissioned assignments are primarily via word-of-mouth; however, I do offer very limited bookings to unacquainted clients. Please note that I do not accept commissioned requests involving nudes. If you are interested in a booking, please feel free to CONTACT ME directly.

*BOOKINGS UPDATE: I will be on assignment in Europe, March through July 2015, and then on assignment in Antarctica, July through March 2016, and unavailable for bookings during this time.

-Brian Gaschler