Welcome to my street photography portfolio—a collection of candid shots from my wanderings around the USA, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Peru, Thailand, Laos, Korea, Belgium, Finland, and the Czech Republic. There is a mixture of both film (Kodak TRI-X 400 & Fuji Velvia 100) and digital captures, and I am adding more photos to this portfolio on a regular basis, from even more countries.

What exactly is “Street Photography?” To me, street photography is not only my passion, but I believe a true art form. It is about seeking to capture that which is quintessentially human about us all. Although street photography often times takes place on the ‘street,’ for me, it does not necessitate the presence of an urban scene or people at all. The subject of the photograph is the photographer him or herself, striving to capture his or her subjective experience of space and place in the facsimile of human aesthetic. Technique is of utmost importance here, but in such a way that the ‘sharpness’ of a photo is side-lined by the more important elements of composition and the timing of a shot. And unlike other forms of photography, in street photography, the decisive and poignant moment is never choreographed, and it never lies en wait: rather, the photographer needs to put him or herself at ‘ground level,’ immersing him or herself in the organic scene as it unfolds in real time. Street photography, above all other forms of photography, conveys the power of the human experience as it unfolds in transitory time, and to 'get the shot,' one must take part in it.
1376 Larimer St.Occupy London, 2011, No. 18Occupy London, 2011, No. 13Occupy London, 2011, No. 25Occupy London, 2011, No. 27Occupy London, 2011, No. 3Occupy London, 2011, No. 6Occupy London, 2011, No. 22Occupy London, 2011, No. 26