This is an older project of mine, a series comprised of twenty-six black and white photographs taken the day after my birthday in 2011. It was a bleak February day and I was feeling especially nostalgic for times past. I was at crossroads in my life, in the midst of making a decision to continue my premedical/biologic undergraduate training and make the shift toward attending medical school, or to continue my equally valued medical anthropology undergraduate training and transition toward a PhD. Although I would ultimately choose the latter, and stop after earning an MSc., at the time of this shoot, I was feeling utterly lost. This day-long nostalgic photo-walk around the my beloved Denver took place with my dear friend and fellow photographer, Orin Salah. Earlier, when asked what I wanted to do for my birthday (Go climbing? Go hiking?), I replied, “Have a day spent taking street photos with you.” He happily obliged me. I've always loved street photography. These are somewhat different, as there are no candid shots of people in any of them.

In commemoration of the day and the number of photographs I ended up developing, I am limiting the print run for each photograph to 26.
2320 15th St.1700 Bassett St.l606 Little Raven St.2100 16th St.2017 15th St.1610 Chestnut Pl.1900 16th St.1701 Wynkoop St.1767 16th St.1899 Wynkoop St.2000 Little Raven St.1799 Wynkoop St.1801 Wynkoop St.1634 18th St.1672 Lawrence St.1650 Lawrence St.1187 16th St.1512 Larimer St.948 14th St.746 14th St.