Welcome to my Cityscapes portfolio. Photographing cities and architecture is something of a work in progress for me. Typically, when I venture out in the city, I am doing more Street photography, but every now and again I see an angle that interests me, or a delicate interplay between light and shadow, and the aesthetics before me give me such pause that I feel I need to take a photograph. Often times, I am just in the right place at the right time for the photograph. Other times, I read what the weather is doing and have a shot already planned ahead of time. I then make sure I am where I need to be as things unfold in a way that (hopefully) represents what has already played out in my mind. In any event, shooting pictures of cityscapes is something I hope to do much more of in the future. I am drawn to the city, first and foremost because it is filled with my favourite subject matter---people---but also, because our so-called "built" environment is nothing short of awesome.
1700 Bassett St.l606 Little Raven St.2017 15th St.1701 Wynkoop St.1899 Wynkoop St.2000 Little Raven St.1634 18th St.1187 16th St.746 14th St.1512 Larimer St.950 13th St.BNSF South Portal BridgeBNSF North Portal Bridge14th St. ProgressionBrooding October Skylines1745 Sherman St.999 Water St.